Hello, my name is Ioanna  :) 

I am a versatile 3D artist currently immersed in the world of motion graphics design. Previously, I was part of INK, a creative studio based in London. In 2022, I ventured into freelancing, collaborating with diverse clients, including my ongoing involvement with Lotus. 

My enthusiasm for CGI led me to actively engage with big CGI organisations in London, such as London ACM SIGGRAPH and 3D London, where I take on roles organising and hosting global events. 
Balancing client projects and volunteer work, I consistently embrace challenges, exploring avenues to enhance my personal and professional skills. My latest endeavor involves delving into the world of photography. 

My main tools are Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Redshift, Vray, Nuke, and After Effects/ Adobe suite.

If you want to say hello - drop me an email at helloitsioanna@gmail.com.

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