This is Rorri. 
The happiest creature alive.

Who also has the weird power to emit particles when in a state of extreme excitement.
And lives in a magical forest where trees have cyan colour and grass is pink. 

Rorri was my entry to one of our recent INK Shorts - an initiative we come up with at work during lockdown, to help people stay creative and connected through art. 

The concept is simple, yet very engaging. Everyone in the studio is free to give a suggestion for a topic, then we vote. 
Once the theme is picked we then have two weeks to come up with an idea and make it real. 
Any medium can be used, any idea is welcome. 
Just be creative. Be authentic. 

Last week's theme was Creature. So this is how Rorri came to life.

I wanted to create something nice and cute, positive and quite naive-looking. 
After some weeeeeeirrd sketching I came up with this bear-looking creature on the right. 
My original thought was - "Whoa he looks dumb!" but actually quite cute as well. 

So I gave him a chance and decided to bring more story and colour into his personality. 

I thought maybe bringing a bit more of a "happy" colour palette would illustrate better my intentions to create a positive and cute character. 

Here came the story that he also emits particles and glows when he is extremely excited or happy. I don't really know why. Just drawing this looked magical. 

Thank you!

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